Author: Henrietta Krusen

Race Track

I just find it interesting that the only other “Bannon” I can think of is named “Race.” Also, “Bannon” is from “O’Banain” – meaning “white.” Ah. So then – in a way – “Race White.” Yah. A little on the nose, right? Yeah. A little. … But Steve’s is mostly red. Read more →

Switched At Birth

So, what is this Switch thing about? The Switch? It’s just a long thin piece of hickory. Stamped on it, in red letters, is the word “Nintendo”. You apply a little oil to it – to keep it supple – and then take turns lashing one another with it, over and over and over. … Mmm. … It’ll probably do… Read more →


Do you think we’ll ever be as famous as Kate Beaton? Oh. I don’t know. I mean, Kate Beaton is smart, and funny, and so, so, so talented. Mmm. Yeah. … Do you think we’ll ever be as famous as Scott Adams? Henny – if there’s any justice – someday he’ll be as famous as us. Read more →