Seven soldiers of victory surviving on nothing but their wits. Know us, and know our legend, through the magic of our site.

Catherine Grant

Catherine Ismay Grant is inventor of the incredible power suit which transforms each member of the team into a one-man attack force.

Ayana Sakura

Level-headed and good-natured. A master of espionage and communications.

Benyamin Ahmed

Benyamin is inhabited by an alien life form which is similar in appearance to the common woodlouse and which originates from a star system more than 77 light years from Earth.

Rachel Gray

Special weapons and tactics.

Antoinette Rossier

A time traveller from a dystopian society twenty years in the future where robots are manufactured as slaves.

Sandra Bareilles

Clinically dead, and bionically enhanced, Sandra is capable of manipulating gravitational forces as well as altering her body weight and density.

Henrietta Krusen

An artificially gestated human bred for combat.